Client Services

Client Services

Companies that succeed in the 21st century will be flexible, more agile and more creative. To compete you´ll need to focus on the heart of your business, that small percent of your staff that goes above and beyond, carries more than their load. And you´ll need a recruiting partner who will help you find this rare but exceptional breed. Let us be that partner.

Our Recruiting Services & Approach

Specializing in recruitment of impact players for senior, mid – level management and professional positions, we provide a broad range of services and a customized approach to find not just the right candidate but the right person for your company – that key individual who can make a positive impact on your business. We accomplish this by bringing together our industry expertise, recruiting experience and proprietary Accelerated Recruitment™ approach.

Learn about our services and how we can match them to your specific hiring needs

  • Permanent Placement:

    Our industry leading recruiting services include:

    • Retained Search
    • Contingency Search
    • Project Search
    • Global Search

    Learn more about our Permanent Placement services and the types of positions we fill.

  • Large-Scale Recruitment: Through a customized project management plan, we use a streamlined collaborative approach to meet your large scale and global hiring initiatives. Learn more about our unique large – scale recruitment services.

Ancillary Services

We also offer a host of additional services and tools to help with your hiring goals and to solve your hiring problems, including:

  • assessment testing
  • background checks
  • online activity management and reporting
  • relocation assistance
  • salary surveys
  • videoconferencing

How To Engage Us

Whether your hiring needs call for retained, contingency, contract or large-scale search and recruitment services, we offer the flexibility you need. Contact us to learn more and to discuss your needs